Our Top Travel Apps

When on the road, it is always a good thing to have reliable resources at your fingertips.  During the planning phases of our travels, we utilize a variety of apps that we find helpful.  Each app has its’ own specialty and offers something unique.  By incorporating these resources, we have incredible trips.  We like our trips to be pretty eclectic, we like to be foodies, we like hiking, sight-seeing, historical sites, National Parks, and so much more.  And these apps, help us develop our adventures into exactly how we want them.


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1. TOGO: TOGO is your one-stop shop for all things RV.  This app allows you to create checklists making RV-ing a little easier, and enjoyable.  We love using the depart checklist, as that is where most of our stressors lie.  We want to be certain that everything is hooked up as it should be, tires are filled adequately, and having a feeling of safety and security on the road.  Togo helps us do that.

2. CAMPENDIUM: Campendium is an AMAZING resource, full of good information on campgrounds.  This app allows you to find campgrounds throughout the country, and you can filter them out to find what fits your preference.  We love scrolling through the pictures that fellow campers post, and their reviews on the campsites and campgrounds.  We really rely on these reviews and pictures, and trust them, as they are posted by members of the camping community.  We are active members in Campendium, and we upload our reviews and pictures as well.

3. RESERVE AMERICA:  Our personal preference of campgrounds, is state parks.  We love the simplicity of them, the wooded sites, and the quietness.  We often notice that the cost is a little cheaper, the sites are a bit more spacious and secluded, all around this is our camping style.  Reserve America is the primary way that we book our campsites.  They have a wide variety of campgrounds available, and this app makes the booking process a breeze.

4. THE OUTBOUND: The Outbound is our primary resource for looking up hikes and epic adventures in an area.  We have used this at least once on every one of our trips.  They have a variety of activities that you can search through like snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, diving, photography, and so much more.  Each activity has reviews by people that have participated in them,          with pictures, and details on the activity.  For example, for hikes, they show the difficulty of the trail, the length, the type of trail (in-and-out, loop), and special features of the hike (waterfalls,            cliffs, wildlife).

5. ROADTRIPPERS: If you are looking for a unique road trip, look no further than Roadtrippers! My favorite part of this app is the ability to add points of interest to your road trip.  More specifically, the abandoned stuff and the weird roadside attractions.  Again, like the other apps, people who have visited these, post pictures and reviews!

6. ALLSTAYS (WALMART): We love Allstays, but we love the Walmart edition even more!  This is our primary resource for when we need to get a little bit of shut-eye during lengthy trips.  This app shows Walmarts in a certain area, and when you select one, it will open a page that has reviews of people’s stay there.  They provide information on their stay, whether it was a nice and quiet night, loud and unsafe, or even if they weren’t allowed to stay the night.  Even though we use this app, we always still call to make sure and get permission to stay.









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